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The College Access Workshop Tour!

As we begin our national College Access Workshop tour, I wanted to provide the details on each event.

April 30: Portland, OR-James Madison High School

May 4: San Francisco, CA-

May 6: Compton, CA-Compton High School

May 10: Crenshaw, CA-Crenshaw High School

May 13: Seattle, WA-Morgan Family YMCA (Tacoma)

May 21: Camden, NJ-Riletta L. Cream, Ferry Ave Branch Library

All scheduled events are booked exclusively for the respective high school except for the workshop being held in Camden, NJ. If you would like to attend the workshop in Camden, please reserve your seat here through Eventbrite. This is a free event which will be held from 6:30pm-7:30pm on Monday, May 21. For additional inquiries, feel free to get in touch on our "contact" page.

Hope to see you all in Camden!

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