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Early Decision vs Early Action vs Rolling Admissions

When it comes to applying to college you may have noticed different types of deadlines. Some may have suggested early action, early decision, or even rolling admissions, but what does it mean? Understanding the key differences between each term will help you determine when you should submit your college application.

Early Decision

This option allows you to submit your application earlier than the normal required deadline—usually in November—which in return gives you an early admission decision. Early decisions are binding plans which means you agree to enroll into the institution if admitted and offered a financial package that meets your needs. This decision is ideal for students who have done extensive research on the college and are sure such school matches their academic, social, and geographical needs. It also cuts down on the expenses related to applying to other colleges and the stress of waiting for a decision. The major drawback to this decision is the pressure of committing to one college. So again, if you are considering an early decision, please be sure you have done much research and have no doubts about the school you are seeking admissions.

Early Action