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FAFSA = Scholarships + Grants!

Did you know that each year millions of dollars in grant money go unclaimed?

According to Scholarship Points, there is one form of financial aid that does go unclaimed, and that’s the Federal Pell Grant. About three million students in 2013-14 who did not file the FAFSA would have qualified for a Federal Pell Grant. That’s just a few years ago! With college often taking more than four years, many of those students who didn’t file are likely still in school.

Of them, 1.3 million would have qualified for the maximum Federal Pell Grant. Qualified students could have received a maximum amount of $5,645 in Pell Grant awards in the 2013-2014 application cycle. So, how much money will be left on the table in 2018?

In a NerdWallet analysis, the number of Pell-eligible graduates who didn’t complete the FAFSA totaled 821,041 students nationwide. (In California alone, more than 100,000 seniors did not file their FAFSA and, as a result, missed out on $396,401,205 in potential Federal Pell Grant aid). No matter what scholarships you might receive, filling out the FAFSA annually should be at the top of your priority list!

Ultimately, when it comes to funding college, we understand every penny counts. During the month of February, we will be providing random scholarships with different eligibility requirements for student across the country to apply! Stay tuned and check our Instagram and Facebook page every Tuesday and Thursday beginning next month for our weekly scholarship postings!



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