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Mr. Shawn Carr has successfully encouraged and interacted with college bound students to help them find and get admitted into their ideal college or university. Shawn has helped underachieved and underrepresented students find a school that is the “best fit” for them. He is committed to walking students through the process of finding their appropriate trade, college, or program. Many of Shawn's typical clients consist of high school juniors, seniors, and transfer students. Having an educational background in psychology, professional experience as a student success/life coach, and college admissions expertise allows  Shawn to effectively communicate and also be relatable to students of the millennial generation.

Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology from Coppin State University and earned his Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Communications from Bowie State University. He has an extensive background in the field of higher education that includes nine years of service in enrollment management and six years in the field of undergraduate admissions.

He has worked at a Historically Black College & University, flagship institution, and private liberal arts school. Shawn has personally read and evaluated over 14,000 college applications, evaluated and distributed thousands of dollars of merit scholarships, and evaluated applications for students who were interested in special living and learning programs, as well as Equal opportunity programs for multicultural students/students of color. During his years of service, Shawn has attended conferences, served on the PACAC committee, and served on college-wide committees to determine best practices related to new trends within higher education.


In his private practice, Shawn travels throughout the nation providing workshops to students about the college application process. He specializes in communicating to students about attending their ideal college, finding scholarship funding related to academic talents, and financial aid workshops. He speaks with students from underserved and underprivileged areas about the importance of attending college and benefits derived from a receiving a quality education.


In addition, Shawn attends different conferences around the country to stay up to date with the latest developments taking place in higher education. He also visits different colleges to discuss possible collaborations with local community-based organizations. 

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